SnapDrive for UNIX displays an error message after SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is upgraded from version 10 to 11

Contributors netapp-ivanad

SnapDrive for UNIX displays an error after you upgrade the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) from version 10 to 11. You must create a base device name and mount the file system.

When you perform storage operations, SnapDrive for UNIX reports the following error: 0001-791 Admin error: Device /dev/sdc does not have a partition. A single partition is required to support a persistent mount for file system /mnt/testfs. Retry command with '-nopersist' option


  1. Use the options -fs and -nopersist to record the base device name, as shown in the following example:

    IBMX336-250-111:/etc/udev/rules.d # snapdrive storage connect -fs /mnt/testfs -lun f3020-207-11:/vol/san1/lun200_0 -nolvm -nopersist`

    A file system is not created as expected, but the base device name is recorded (in this case, /dev/sdc).

  2. Create the mkdir --p /mnt/testfs directory in the base device name.

  3. Run blkid.

  4. Specify the following:

    UUID=239ae9a1-75fd-4faf-b9f4-a0b80bf7b62c /mnt/testfs ext3

  5. Mount the file system:

    #mount /mnt/testfs`

  6. Display the storage options:

    #snapdrive storage show -fs /mnt/testfs3