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Snapdrive for Unix

SnapDrive commands sometimes result in mounting or unmounting file systems and modify system files


Certain SnapDrive for UNIX commands can cause file systems to be mounted or unmounted. When a command performs an operation that mounts a file system, SnapDrive for UNIX adds the file system's name to the standard system file for your host platform. If an operation unmounts a file system, SnapDrive for UNIX removes the name from the system file. This should not pose a problem; however, it is useful to know when system files are modified.

The name of the system file varies depending on your host platform. The following table lists the host platforms and their system files.

Host System file



Any of the following commands can mount file systems:

  • snapdrive snap restore

  • snapdrive snap connect

  • snapdrive storage create

  • snapdrive host connect

  • snapdrive storage connect

The following commands perform operations that can unmount a file system:

  • snapdrive snap restore

  • snapdrive snap disconnect

  • snapdrive storage disconnect

  • snapdrive storage delete

  • snapdrive host disconnect