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Snapdrive for Unix

Upgrade SnapDrive for UNIX to current version


You can easily upgrade SnapDrive for UNIX to the latest version. As part of the upgrade process, few variables change in the snapdrive.conf file. To ensure that SnapDrive for UNIX is functioning correctly, check the various default values in the snapdrive.conf file.

To upgrade your current version of SnapDrive for UNIX, you do not have to uninstall it. Instead, you should install the latest version of the software on top of the current version.

When you install a new version, SnapDrive for UNIX checks if you already have a version installed. If you do, it preserves the current snapdrive.conf file and renames the version of the file it is installing to snapdrive.conf.x. In this way, it avoids overwriting your snapdrive.conf file, so you do not lose any customized settings in the file.

By default, SnapDrive for UNIX comments out the variables in the snapdrive.conf file. This means it automatically uses the default values for all variables except the ones you customize. If you want to change these values, you must add the variables to your current snapdrive.conf file and specify the values you want.

Note When you perform a patch upgrade, the SnapDrive version in the snapdrive.conf file does not change. However, the snapdrive version command provides the appropriate version.