SnapDrive for UNIX operations fails due to improper multipath settings when aliased devices are used.

Contributors netapp-ivanad

When you run the storage show or snap create command in RHEL 5.11, the command displays the following error message:

Status call to SDU daemon failed and in SLES11SP3 host with --nolvm option when the host LVM is not involved.

  • snapdrive storage show -all command fails to show proper alias name

    SnapDrive for UNIX does not show proper alias name for the mapper devices. This issue occurs when multipaths{ } section is not proper in the multipath.conf file.

  • Workaround

    You must ensure that closing braces are entered in the multipath settings.

  • SnapDrive operations fails with the below error when the alias names has been set for the mapper devices

    Snapdrive could not import /dev/mapper/lvm_fs_SdDg:   device-mapper: resume ioctl failed: Invalid argument
      Unable to resume lvm_fs_SdDg-lvm_fs_SdHv (252:4)   1 logical volume(s) in volume group "lvm_fs_SdDg" now active”

    This issue occurs when the alias name mapping with the devices is not proper.

  • Workaround

    Perform multipath-ll and make sure that the alias name mapping with the devices is proper, and then perform the SnapDrive for UNIX operations.