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Snapdrive for Unix

After each reboot snap connect yields "0001-680 Admin error: Host OS requires an update to internal data"


On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 hosts, after every reboot the Snapshot connect and storage create operations encounters an error message.

The following error message occurs because the sg driver deletes all the inactive device in /dev/sgXX file after a reboot.


  1. Check the value of the configuration variable enable-implicithost- preparation in the `/opt/Netapp/snapdrive/snapdrive.conf file. It should be set to on.

    After rebooting the host and before using SnapDrive for UNIX, complete the following steps.

  2. Verify that the sg and iSCSI services are loaded by entering the following command:


  3. If the sg and iSCSI (if iSCSI setup is used) services are not loaded, enter the following commands:

    • modprobe sg

    • service iscsi start

Note If you do not want to perform steps 2 and 3 manually, add the modprobe sg and service iscsi start commands in the host startup script.