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Snapdrive for Unix

Specifying login information for Virtual Storage Console


The Virtual Storage Console must be configured in SnapDrive for UNIX for provisioning RDM LUNs in the guest operating system. However, there is a user name and password that allows SnapDrive for UNIX to access the Virtual Storage Console. The Virtual Storage Console does not authenticate these login credentials.

Ensure that Virtual Storage Console is configured with the vCenter.

  1. Enter the following command:

    snapdrive config set -viadmin <user> <viadmin_name>

    user is the user name of the virtual interface system.

    viadmin_name is the name or the IP address of the virtual interface system.

  2. At the prompt, enter the password, if there is one.


    If you have not set any password, press


    (the null value) when prompted for a password.

    This example sets up an user called sdadmin for a virtual interface:

    guest# snapdrive config set -viadmin sdadmin ruffleskin
    Password for sdadmin:
    Retype Password:

    SnapDrive for UNIX is now ready to provision RDM LUNs in the guest operating system.

    Note If you wish to configure a new virtual interface, the existing virtual interface details are overwritten, as SnapDrive for UNIX allows you to have only one virtual interface configured to a guest operating system.