security saml-sp delete


Delete SAML service provider for authentication

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The security saml-sp delete command is used to remove the Security Access Markup Language (SAML) Service Provider (SP). Running this command frees resources used by the SP. SAML SP services will no longer be available after the SP is removed.

If the SAML SP is currently enabled, it is necesary to first use security saml-sp modify-is-enabled`false prior to `security saml-sp delete . The security saml-sp modify`-is-enabled`false command must be issued by a password authenticated console application user or from a SAML authenticated command interface.

Note This restarts the web server. Any HTTP/S connections that are active will be disrupted.


The following example unconfigures SAML SP:

cluster1::> security saml-sp delete