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Update subnets for Grid Network

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When you add grid nodes or a new site in an expansion, you might need to update or add subnets to the Grid Network.

StorageGRID maintains a list of the network subnets used to communicate between grid nodes on the Grid Network (eth0). These entries include the subnets used for the Grid Network by each site in your StorageGRID system as well as any subnets used for NTP, DNS, LDAP, or other external servers accessed through the Grid Network gateway.

Before you begin
About this task

If any of the new nodes has a Grid Network IP address on a subnet not previously used, you must add the new subnet to the Grid Network subnet list before starting the expansion. Otherwise, you will have to cancel the expansion, add the new subnet, and start the procedure again.

  1. Select MAINTENANCE > Network > Grid Network.

  2. Select Add another subnet to add a new subnet in CIDR notation.

    For example, enter

  3. Enter the provisioning passphrase, and select Save.

  4. Wait until the changes are applied, then download a new Recovery Package.

    1. Select MAINTENANCE > System > Recovery package.

    2. Enter the Provisioning Passphrase.

      Caution The Recovery Package file must be secured because it contains encryption keys and passwords that can be used to obtain data from the StorageGRID system. It is also used to recover the primary Admin Node.

The subnets you have specified are configured automatically for your StorageGRID system.