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Object metadata included in metadata notifications

Contributors netapp-perveilerk netapp-lhalbert

The table lists all the fields that are included in the JSON document that is sent to the destination endpoint when search integration is enabled.

The document name includes the bucket name, object name, and version ID if present.

Type Item name and description

Bucket and object information

bucket: Name of the bucket

key: Object key name

versionID: Object version, for objects in versioned buckets

region: Bucket region, for example us-east-1

System metadata

size: Object size (in bytes) as visible to an HTTP client

md5: Object hash

User metadata

metadata: All user metadata for the object, as key-value pairs



tags: All object tags defined for the object, as key-value pairs


Note For tags and user metadata, StorageGRID passes dates and numbers to Elasticsearch as strings or as S3 event notifications. To configure Elasticsearch to interpret these strings as dates or numbers, follow the Elasticsearch instructions for dynamic field mapping and for mapping date formats. You must enable the dynamic field mappings on the index before you configure the search integration service. After a document is indexed, you can't edit the document's field types in the index.