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JSON generated by search integration service

Contributors netapp-lhalbert

When you enable the search integration service for a bucket, a JSON document is generated and sent to the destination endpoint each time object metadata or tags are added, updated, or deleted.

This example shows an example of the JSON that could be generated when an object with the key SGWS/Tagging.txt is created in a bucket named test. The test bucket is not versioned, so the versionId tag is empty.

  "bucket": "test",
  "key": "SGWS/Tagging.txt",
  "versionId": "",
  "accountId": "86928401983529626822",
  "size": 38,
  "md5": "3d6c7634a85436eee06d43415012855",
  "metadata": {
    "age": "25"
  "tags": {
    "color": "yellow"