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PUT Bucket consistency

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The PUT Bucket consistency request allows you to specify the consistency level to apply to operations performed on a bucket.

The default consistency controls are set to guarantee read-after-write for newly created objects.

Before you begin

You have the s3:PutBucketConsistency permission, or be account root, to complete this operation.


The x-ntap-sg-consistency parameter must contain one of the following values:

Consistency control Description


All nodes receive the data immediately, or the request will fail.


Guarantees read-after-write consistency for all client requests across all sites.


Guarantees read-after-write consistency for all client requests within a site.


(Default) Provides read-after-write consistency for new objects and eventual consistency for object updates. Offers high availability and data protection guarantees. Recommended for most cases.


Provides eventual consistency for both new objects and object updates. For S3 buckets, use only as required (for example, for a bucket that contains log values that are rarely read, or for HEAD or GET operations on keys that don't exist). Not supported for S3 FabricPool buckets.

Note: In general, you should use the “read-after-new-write” consistency control value. If requests aren't working correctly, change the application client behavior if possible. Or, configure the client to specify the consistency control for each API request. Set the consistency control at the bucket level only as a last resort.

Request example

PUT /bucket?x-ntap-sg-consistency=strong-global HTTP/1.1
Date: date
Authorization: authorization string
Host: host
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