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ORLM: Object Rules Met

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This message is generated when the object is successfully stored and copied as specified by the ILM rules.

Note The ORLM message is not generated when an object is successfully stored by the default Make 2 Copies rule if another rule in the policy uses the Object Size advanced filter.
Code Field Description


Bucket Header

Bucket ID field. Used for internal operations. Appears only if STAT is PRGD.


Content Block Identifier

The CBID of the object.


Content size

The size of the object in bytes.



The storage location of object data within the StorageGRID system. The value for LOCS is "" if the object has no locations (for example, it has been deleted).

CLEC: for erasure-coded objects, the erasure coding profile ID and the erasure coding group ID that is applied to the object's data.

CLDI: for replicated objects, the LDR node ID and the volume ID of the object's location.

CLNL: ARC node ID of the object's location if the object data is archived.


S3 Bucket/Key or Swift Container/Object ID

The S3 bucket name and S3 key name, or the Swift container name and Swift object identifier.



The result of the ILM operation.

SUCS: The ILM operation was successful.


Rules Label

The human-readable label given to the ILM rule applied to this object.


Container UUID

UUID of the container for the segmented object. This value is available only if the object is segmented.


Container CBID

CBID of the container for the segmented object. This value is available only for segmented and multipart objects.



The status of ILM operation.

DONE: ILM operations against the object have completed.

DFER: The object has been marked for future ILM re-evaluation.

PRGD: The object has been deleted from the StorageGRID system.

NLOC: The object data can no longer be found in the StorageGRID system. This status might indicate that all copies of object data are missing or damaged.


Universally Unique Identifier

The identifier of the object within the StorageGRID system.


Version ID

The version ID of a new object created in a versioned bucket. Operations on buckets and objects in unversioned buckets don't include this field.

The ORLM audit message can be issued more than once for a single object. For instance, it is issued whenever one of the following events occur:

  • ILM rules for the object are satisfied forever.

  • ILM rules for the object are satisfied for this epoch.

  • ILM rules have deleted the object.

  • The background verification process detects that a copy of replicated object data is corrupt. The StorageGRID system performs an ILM evaluation to replace the corrupt object.