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CGRR: Cross-Grid Replication Request

Contributors netapp-madkat netapp-pcelmer

This message is generated when StorageGRID attempts a cross-grid replication operation to replicate objects between buckets in a grid federation connection. An audit message is sent only if the request permanently failed (RESULT GERR).

Code Field Description


S3 tenant account ID

The ID of the tenant account that owns the bucket from which the object is being replicated.


Grid federation connection ID

The ID of the grid federation connection being used for cross-grid replication.


CGR operation

The type of cross-grid replication operation that was attempted:

  • 0 = Replicate object

  • 1 = Replicate multipart object

  • 2 = Replicate delete marker


S3 bucket

The S3 bucket name.


S3 Key

The S3 key name, not including the bucket name.


Version ID

The version ID of the specific version of an object that was being replicated.


Result Code

Returns successful (SUCS) or general error (GERR).