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View boot-up codes (SG6000-CN controller)


When you apply power to the appliance, the BMC logs a series of boot-up codes for the SG6000-CN controller. You can view these codes in several ways.

Before you begin
  • You know how to access the BMC dashboard.

  • If you want to use serial-over-LAN (SOL), you have experience using IPMI SOL console applications.

  1. Select one of the following methods for viewing the boot-up codes for the appliance controller, and gather the required equipment.

    Method Required equipment

    VGA console

    • VGA-capable monitor

    • VGA cable


    • RJ-45 cable

    Serial port

    • DB-9 serial cable

    • Virtual serial terminal


    • Virtual serial terminal

  2. If you are using a VGA console, perform these steps:

    1. Connect a VGA-capable monitor to the VGA port on the back of the appliance.

    2. View the codes displayed on the monitor.

  3. If you are using BMC KVM, perform these steps:

    1. Connect to the BMC management port and log in to the BMC web interface.

    2. Select Remote Control.

    3. Launch the KVM.

    4. View the codes on the virtual monitor.

  4. If you are using a serial port and terminal, perform these steps:

    1. Connect to the DB-9 serial port on the back of the appliance.

    2. Use settings 115200 8-N-1.

    3. View the codes printed over the serial terminal.

  5. If you are using SOL, perform these steps:

    1. Connect to the IPMI SOL using the BMC IP address and login credentials.

      ipmitool -I lanplus -H BMC_Port_IP -U admin -P Password sol activate

      Note In some cases the default username might be root instead of admin.
    2. View the codes on the virtual serial terminal.

  6. Use the table to look up the codes for your appliance.

    Code Indicates


    The master boot script has started.


    The system is checking to see if the network interface card (NIC) firmware needs to be updated.


    The system is rebooting after applying firmware updates.


    The hardware subsystem firmware update checks have been completed. Inter-controller communication services are starting.


    For an appliance Storage Node only:

    The system is awaiting connectivity with the storage controllers and synchronizing with the SANtricity operating system.

    Note: If the boot-up procedure does not progress past this stage, perform these steps:

    1. Confirm that the four interconnect cables between the SG6000-CN controller and the two storage controllers are securely connected.

    2. As required, replace one or more of the cables, and try again.

    3. If this does not resolve the issue, contact technical support.


    The system is checking for existing StorageGRID installation data.


    The StorageGRID Appliance Installer is running.


    StorageGRID is running.