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Ingest data flow

Contributors netapp-lhalbert

An ingest, or save, operation consists of a defined data flow between the client and the StorageGRID system.

Data flow

When a client ingests an object to the StorageGRID system, the LDR service on Storage Nodes processes the request and stores the metadata and data to disk.

Ingest with synchronous placement
  1. The client application creates the object and sends it to the StorageGRID system through an HTTP PUT request.

  2. The object is evaluated against the system's ILM policy.

  3. The LDR service saves the object data as a replicated copy or as an erasure coded copy. (The diagram shows a simplified version of storing a replicated copy to disk.)

  4. The LDR service sends the object metadata to the metadata store.

  5. The metadata store saves the object metadata to disk.

  6. The metadata store propagates copies of object metadata to other Storage Nodes. These copies are also saved to disk.

  7. The LDR service returns an HTTP 200 OK response to the client to acknowledge that the object has been ingested.