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Locate controller in data center

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Locate the controller so that you can perform hardware maintenance or upgrades.

Before you begin
  • You have determined which controller requires maintenance.

  • (Optional) To help locate the controller in your data center, turn on the blue identify LED.

  1. Find the controller requiring maintenance in the data center.

    • Look for a lit blue identify LED on the front or rear of the controller.

      The front identify LED is behind the controller front bezel and might be difficult to see if the bezel is installed.

      Front identify LED - on
    • Check the tags attached to the front of each controller for a matching part number.

  2. Remove the controller front bezel, if one is installed, to access the front panel controls and indicators.

  3. Optional: Turn off the blue identify LED if you used it to locate the controller.

    • Press the identify LED switch on the controller front panel.

    • Use the controller BMC interface.