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Verify the installed version of StorageGRID

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Before starting the upgrade, you must verify that the previous version of StorageGRID is currently installed with the latest available hotfix applied.

About this task

Before you upgrade to StorageGRID 11.7, your grid must have StorageGRID 11.6 installed. If you are currently using a previous version of StorageGRID, you must install all previous upgrade files along with their latest hotfixes (strongly recommended) until your grid's current version is StorageGRID 11.6.x.y.

One possible upgrade path is shown in the example.

Important NetApp strongly recommends that you apply the latest hotfix for each StorageGRID version before upgrading to the next version and that you also apply the latest hotfix for each new version you install. In some cases, you must apply a hotfix to avoid the risk of data loss. See NetApp Downloads: StorageGRID and the release notes for each hotfix to learn more.

Note that you can run a script to update from to 11.4.0.y in one step and from to 11.5.0.y in one step. See NetApp Knowledge Base: How to run combined major upgrade and hotfix script for StorageGRID.

  1. Sign in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  2. From the top of the Grid Manager, select Help > About.

  3. Verify that Version is 11.6.x.y.

    In the StorageGRID 11.6.x.y version number:

    • The major release has an x value of 0 (11.6.0).

    • A hotfix, if one has been applied, has a y value (for example,

  4. If Version is not 11.6.x.y, go to NetApp Downloads: StorageGRID to download the files for each previous release, including the latest hotfix for each release.

  5. Obtain the the upgrade instructions for each release you downloaded. Then, perform the software upgrade procedure for that release, and apply the latest hotfix for that release (strongly recommended).

Example: Upgrade to StorageGRID 11.6 from version

The following example shows the steps to upgrade from StorageGRID version to version 11.6 in preparation for a StorageGRID 11.7 upgrade.

Important Optionally, you can run a script to combine steps 2 and 3 (update from to 11.4.0.y) and to combine steps 4 and 5 (update from to 11.5.0.y). See NetApp Knowledge Base: How to run combined major upgrade and hotfix script for StorageGRID.

Download and install software in the following sequence to prepare your system for upgrade:

  1. Apply the latest StorageGRID 11.3.0.y hotfix.

  2. Upgrade to the StorageGRID 11.4.0 major release.

  3. Apply the latest StorageGRID 11.4.0.y hotfix.

  4. Upgrade to the StorageGRID 11.5.0 major release.

  5. Apply the latest StorageGRID 11.5.0.y hotfix.

  6. Upgrade to the StorageGRID 11.6.0 major release.

  7. Apply the latest StorageGRID 11.6.0.y hotfix.