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Power on SGF6112 and verify operation


Power on the controller after completing maintenance.

Before you begin
  1. Power on the appliance.

    You might have to remove the bezel to access the power switch; if so, remember to reinstall it afterwards.

  2. Monitor the controller LEDs and boot-up codes using one of the following methods:

    • Press the power switch on the front of the controller.

    • Use the controller BMC interface:

      1. Access the controller BMC interface.

      2. Select Power Control.

      3. Select Power On and then select Perform Action.

        Power on appliance from BMC

        Use the BMC interface to monitor start-up status.

  3. Confirm that the appliance controller displays in the Grid Manager and with no alerts.

    It might take up to 20 minutes for the controller to display in the Grid Manager.

    Caution Don't take another appliance node offline unless this appliance has a green icon.
  4. Confirm that the new appliance is fully operational by logging in to the grid node using PuTTY or another ssh client:

    1. Enter the following command: ssh Appliance_IP

    2. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    3. Enter the following command to switch to root: su -

    4. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

      When you are logged in as root, the prompt changes from $ to #.

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