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Validate the StorageGRID configuration


After creating configuration files in /etc/storagegrid/nodes for each of your StorageGRID nodes, you must validate the contents of those files.

To validate the contents of the configuration files, run the following command on each host:

sudo storagegrid node validate all

If the files are correct, the output shows PASSED for each configuration file, as shown in the example.

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Tip For an automated installation, you can suppress this output by using the -q or --quiet options in the storagegrid command (for example, storagegrid --quiet…​). If you suppress the output, the command will have a non-zero exit value if any configuration warnings or errors were detected.

If the configuration files are incorrect, the issues are shown as WARNING and ERROR, as shown in the example. If any configuration errors are found, you must correct them before you continue with the installation.

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