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SGF6112 appliance: Overview

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The StorageGRID SGF6112 appliance operates as a Storage Node in a StorageGRID system. The appliance can be used in a hybrid grid environment that combines appliance Storage Nodes and virtual (software-based) Storage Nodes.

The SGF6112 appliance provides the following features:

  • 12 NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) SSD drives with integrated compute and storage controllers.

  • Integrates the storage and computing elements for a StorageGRID Storage Node.

  • Includes the StorageGRID Appliance Installer to simplify Storage Node deployment and configuration.

  • Includes a baseboard management controller (BMC) for monitoring and diagnosing the hardware in the compute controller.

  • Supports up to four 10-GbE or 25-GbE connections to the StorageGRID Grid Network and Client Network.

SGF6112 hardware description

The StorageGRID SGF6112 is an all-flash appliance that features a compact design with compute controller and storage controller integrated into a 1U chassis. The appliance supports 12 SSD NVMe drives with a storage capacity of up to 15.3 TB per drive.

Resilient object storage

The SGF6112 is designed with SSDs in a RAID that provides the following data protection features:

  • Ability to function after the failure of a single SSD with no impact on object availability.

  • Ability to function after multiple SSD failures with a minimum necessary reduction in object availability (based on the design of the underlying RAID scheme).

  • Fully recoverable, while in service, from SSD failures that don't result in extreme damage to the RAID housing the node's root volume (the StorageGRID operating system).

SGF6112 hardware components

The SGF6112 appliance includes the following components:

Component Description

Compute and storage platform

A one-rack unit (1U) server that includes:

  • Two 2.1/2.6 GHz 165 W processors providing 48 cores

  • 256 GB RAM

  • 2 × 1/10 GBase-T ports

  • 4 × 10/25 GbE Ethernet ports

  • 1 × 256 GB Internal Boot drive (includes StorageGRID software)

  • Baseboard management controller (BMC) that simplifies hardware management

  • Redundant power supplies and fans

SGF6112 diagrams

SGF6112 front view

This figure shows the front of the SGF6112 without the bezel. The appliance includes a 1U compute and storage platform that contains 12 SSD drives.

SGF6112 Front View

SGF6112 rear view

This figure shows the back of the SGF6112, including the ports, fans, and power supplies.

SGF6112 Rear View
Callout Port Type Use


Network ports 1-4

10/25-GbE, based on cable or SFP transceiver type (SFP28 and SFP+ modules are supported), switch speed, and configured link speed.

Connect to the Grid Network and the Client Network for StorageGRID.


BMC management port

1-GbE (RJ-45)

Connect to the appliance baseboard management controller.


Diagnostic and support ports

  • VGA

  • USB

  • Micro-USB console port

  • Micro-SD slot module

Reserved for technical support use.


Admin Network port 1

1/10-GbE (RJ-45)

Connect the appliance to the Admin Network for StorageGRID.


Admin Network port 2

1/10-GbE (RJ-45)


  • Bond with Admin Network port 1 for a redundant connection to the Admin Network for StorageGRID.

  • Leave disconnected and available for temporary local access (IP

  • During installation, use port 2 for IP configuration if DHCP-assigned IP addresses aren't available.