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Troubleshoot upgrade issues


If something goes wrong when you perform an upgrade, you might able to resolve the issue yourself. If you can't resolve an issue, gather as much information as you can and then contact technical support.

Upgrade does not complete

The following sections describe how to recover from situations where the upgrade has partially failed.

Upgrade precheck errors

To detect and resolve issues, you can manually run the upgrade prechecks before starting the actual upgrade. Most precheck errors provide information about how to resolve the issue.

Provisioning failures

If the automatic provisioning process fails, contact technical support.

Grid node crashes or fails to start

If a grid node crashes during the upgrade process or fails to start successfully after the upgrade finishes, contact technical support to investigate and to correct any underlying issues.

Ingest or data retrieval is interrupted

If data ingest or retrieval is unexpectedly interrupted when you aren't upgrading a grid node, contact technical support.

Database upgrade errors

If the database upgrade fails with an error, retry the upgrade. If it fails again, contact technical support.

User interface issues

You might experience issues with the Grid Manager or the Tenant Manager during or after the upgrade.

Grid Manager displays multiple error messages during upgrade

If you refresh your browser or navigate to another Grid Manager page while the primary Admin Node is being upgraded, you might see multiple “503: Service Unavailable” and “Problem connecting to the server” messages. You can safely ignore these messages—they will stop appearing soon as the node is upgraded.

If these messages appear for more than an hour after you started the upgrade, something might have occurred that prevented the primary Admin Node from being upgraded. If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, contact technical support.

Web interface does not respond as expected

The Grid Manager or the Tenant Manager might not respond as expected after StorageGRID software is upgraded.

If you experience issues with the web interface:

  • Make sure you are using a supported web browser.

    Note Browser support typically changes for each StorageGRID release.
  • Clear your web browser cache.

    Clearing the cache removes outdated resources used by the previous version of StorageGRID software, and permits the user interface to operate correctly again. For instructions, see the documentation for your web browser.

“Docker image availability check” error messages

When attempting to start the upgrade process, you might receive an error message that states “The following issues were identified by the Docker image availability check validation suite.” All issues must be resolved before you can complete the upgrade.

Contact technical support if you are unsure of the changes required to resolve the identified issues.

Message Cause Solution

Unable to determine upgrade version. Upgrade version info file {file_path} did not match the expected format.

The upgrade package is corrupt.

Re-upload the upgrade package, and try again. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

Upgrade version info file {file_path} was not found. Unable to determine upgrade version.

The upgrade package is corrupt.

Re-upload the upgrade package, and try again. If the problem persists, contact technical support.

Unable to determine currently installed release version on {node_name}.

A critical file on the node is corrupt.

Contact technical support.

Connection error while attempting to list versions on {node_name}

The node is offline or the connection was interrupted.

Check to make sure that all nodes are online and reachable from the primary Admin Node, and try again.

The host for node {node_name} does not have StorageGRID {upgrade_version} image loaded. Images and services must be installed on the host before the upgrade can proceed.

The RPM or DEB packages for the upgrade have not been installed on the host where the node is running, or the images are still in the process of being imported.

Note: This error only applies to nodes that are running as containers on Linux.

Check to make sure that the RPM or DEB packages have been installed on all Linux hosts where nodes are running. Make sure the version is correct for both the service and the images file. Wait a few minutes, and try again.

Error while checking node {node_name}

An unexpected error occurred.

Wait a few minutes, and try again.

Uncaught error while running prechecks. {error_string}

An unexpected error occurred.

Wait a few minutes, and try again.