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Reboot grid node from command shell

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If you need to monitor the reboot operation more closely or if you are unable to access the Grid Manager, you can log in to the grid node and run the Server Manager reboot command from the command shell.

Before you begin

You have the Passwords.txt file.

  1. Log in to the grid node:

    1. Enter the following command: ssh admin@grid_node_IP

    2. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    3. Enter the following command to switch to root: su -

    4. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    When you are logged in as root, the prompt changes from $ to #.

  2. Optionally, stop services: service servermanager stop

    Stopping services is an optional, but recommended step. Services can take up to 15 minutes to shut down, and you might want to log in to the system remotely to monitor the shutdown process before you reboot the node in the next step.

  3. Reboot the grid node: reboot

  4. Log out of the command shell: exit