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Sign out of the Grid Manager

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When you are done working with the Grid Manager, you must sign out to ensure that unauthorized users can't access the StorageGRID system. Closing your browser might not sign you out of the system, based on browser cookie settings.

  1. Select your user name in the top-right corner.

    Sign out link
  2. Select Sign out.

    Option Description

    SSO not in use

    You are signed out of the Admin Node.

    The Grid Manager sign in page is displayed.

    Note: If you signed into more than one Admin Node, you must sign out of each node.

    SSO enabled

    You are signed out of all Admin Nodes you were accessing. The StorageGRID sign in page is displayed. Grid Manager is listed as the default in the Recent Accounts drop-down, and the Account ID field shows 0.

    Note: If SSO is enabled and you are also signed in to the Tenant Manager, you must also sign out of the tenant account to sign out of SSO.