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Changes to the Grid Management API

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StorageGRID 11.7 uses version 3 of the Grid Management API. Version 3 deprecates version 2; however, version 1 and version 2 are still supported.

Important You can continue to use version 1 and version 2 of the management API with StorageGRID 11.7; however, support for these versions of the API will be removed in a future release of StorageGRID. After upgrading to StorageGRID 11.7, the deprecated v1 and v2 APIs can be deactivated using the PUT /grid/config/management API.

To learn more, go to Use the Grid Management API.

Display names now included in responses to node-health requests

Related to the new Rename grid, sites, and nodes procedure, after you rename a site or node, the item's name (its system name) and its display name are both returned by the node-health API.

Can create bucket and access keys for new S3 tenant

New s3Bucket and s3AccessKey options were added to the accounts API. When you create an S3 tenant account using the Grid Management API, you can optionally create a bucket for that tenant as well as the access key ID and secret key for the tenant's root user.

Can change storage state for Storage Node

You can use the new node-storage-state API endpoints to determine and change the state of the storage in a Storage Node (online, offline, read-only).