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Changes to the Grid Management API

Contributors netapp-madkat netapp-lhalbert

StorageGRID 11.6 uses version 3 of the Grid Management API. Version 3 deprecates version 2; however, version 1 and version 2 are still supported.

Important You can continue to use version 1 and version 2 of the management API with StorageGRID 11.6; however, support for these versions of the API will be removed in a future release of StorageGRID. After upgrading to StorageGRID 11.6, the deprecated v1 and v2 APIs can be deactivated using the PUT /grid/config/management API.

To learn more, go to Use the Grid Management API.

Can access Swagger docs for private API operations

You can now access the Swagger docs for the private API from the Grid Manager. To see the available operations, select the Grid Manager help icon and select API Documentation. Then, select Go to private API documentation from the StorageGRID Management API page.

StorageGRID private APIs are subject to change without notice. StorageGRID private endpoints also ignore the API version of the request.

Alarm-based APIs deprecated

The 11.6 release deprecates all alarm-based APIs. The following APIs are affected by this change:

  • GET /grid/alarms: Fully deprecated

  • GET /grid/health/topology: Fully deprecated

  • GET /grid/health: The alarm-counts section of the response is deprecated

Can import S3 access keys

You can now use the Grid Management API to import S3 access keys for tenant users. For example, you can migrate access keys from another S3 provider to StorageGRID or use this feature to keep user credentials the same between grids.

Important When this feature is enabled, any Grid Manager user with the Change tenant root password permission has full access to tenant data. Disable this feature immediately after use to protect tenant data.

New account operations

Three new grid/account API operations have been added:

  • POST /grid​/account-enable-s3-key-import: This request enables the Import S3 Credentials feature. You must have the Root access permission to enable this feature.

  • POST /grid​/accounts​/{id}​/users​/{user_id}​/s3-access-keys: This request imports S3 credentials for a given user in a tenant account. You must have the Root access or Change tenant root password permission, and you must know the user ID and the tenant account ID.

  • POST /grid​/account-disable-s3-key-import: This request disables the Import S3 Credentials feature. You must have the Root access permission to disable this feature.

PATCH method deprecated

The PATCH method has now been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. As required, perform a PUT operation to replace a resource instead of using a PATCH operation to modify the resource.

Additions to grid/logs/collect endpoint

Four boolean values have been added to the grid/logs/collect endpoint:

  • applicationLogs: Application-specific logs that technical support uses most frequently for troubleshooting. The logs collected are a subset of the available application logs. The default is true.

  • auditLogs: Logs containing the audit messages generated during normal system operation. The default is true.

  • networkTrace: Logs used for network debugging. The default is false.

  • prometheusDatabase: Time series metrics from the services on all nodes. The default is false.

New ​node-details /grid​/service-ids endpoint

The new ​/grid​/service-ids endpoint provides a mapping of node UUIDs to the associated node names, service IDs, and service types.

Can retrieve grid node console passwords

You can now use POST ​/grid​/node-console-passwords to retrieve the list of grid nodes and their associated console passwords.