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Pause and resume decommission process for Storage Nodes

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If you need to perform a second maintenance procedure, you can pause the decommission procedure for a Storage Node during certain stages. After the other procedure is finished, you can resume decommissioning.

Note The Pause button is enabled only when the ILM evaluation or erasure-coded data decommissioning stages are reached; however, ILM evaluation (data migration) will continue to run in the background.
What you'll need
  • You must be signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  • You must have the Maintenance or Root Access permission.

  1. Select MAINTENANCE > Tasks > Decommission.

    The Decommission page appears.

  2. Select Decommission Nodes.

    The Decommission Nodes page appears. When the decommission procedure reaches either of the following stages, the Pause button is enabled.

    • Evaluating ILM

    • Decommissioning Erasure Coded data

  3. Select Pause to suspend the procedure.

    The current stage is paused, and the Resume button is enabled.

    Decommission Nodes Procedure Paused
  4. After the other maintenance procedure is finished, select Resume to proceed with the decommission.