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StorageGRID appliance features


The StorageGRID SG5600 appliance provides an integrated storage solution for creating a new StorageGRID system or for expanding the capacity of an existing system.

The StorageGRID appliance provides the following features:

  • Combines the StorageGRID Storage Node computing and storage elements into a single, efficient, integrated solution

  • Simplifies the installation and configuration of a Storage Node, automating most of the process required

  • Provides a high-density storage solution with two enclosure options: one that is 2U and one that is 4U

  • Uses 10-GbE IP interfaces directly to the Storage Node, without the need for intermediate storage interfaces such as FC or iSCSI

  • Can be used in a hybrid grid environment that uses StorageGRID appliances and virtual (software-based) Storage Nodes

  • Includes preconfigured storage and comes preloaded with the StorageGRID Appliance Installer (on the E5600SG controller) for field-ready software deployment and integration