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Start StorageGRID host service

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

To start your StorageGRID nodes, and ensure they restart after a host reboot, you must enable and start the StorageGRID host service.

  1. Run the following commands on each host:

    sudo systemctl enable storagegrid
    sudo systemctl start storagegrid
  2. Run the following command to ensure the deployment is proceeding:

    sudo storagegrid node status node-name

    For any node that returns a status of Not-Running or Stopped, run the following command:

    sudo storagegrid node start node-name

  3. If you have previously enabled and started the StorageGRID host service (or if you are unsure if the service has been enabled and started), also run the following command:

    sudo systemctl reload-or-restart storagegrid