Information needed to attach StorageGRID as a cloud tier

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Before you can attach StorageGRID as a cloud tier for FabricPool, you must perform some configuration steps in StorageGRID and obtain certain values.

About this task

The following table lists the information you must provide to ONTAP when you attach StorageGRID as a cloud tier for FabricPool. The topics in this section explain how to use the StorageGRID Grid Manager and Tenant Manager to obtain the information you need.

Note The exact field names listed and the process you use to enter the required values in ONTAP depend on whether you are using the ONTAP CLI (storage aggregate object-store config create) or ONTAP System Manager (Storage > Aggregates & Disks > Cloud Tier).

For more information, refer to the following:

ONTAP field Description

Object store name

Any unique and descriptive name. For example, StorageGRID_Cloud_Tier.

Provider type

StorageGRID (ONTAP System Manager) or SGWS (ONTAP CLI).


The port that FabricPool will use when it connects to StorageGRID. You determine which port number to use when you define the StorageGRID load balancer endpoint.

Server name

The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the StorageGRID load balancer endpoint. For example,

Note the following:

  • The domain name that you specify here must match the domain name on the CA certificate you upload for the StorageGRID load balancer endpoint.

  • The DNS record for this domain name must map to each IP address you will use to connect to StorageGRID.

Container name

The name of the StorageGRID bucket you will use with this ONTAP cluster. For example, fabricpool-bucket. You can create this bucket in the Tenant Manager or, starting with ONTAP 9.10 System Manager, you can create the bucket with the FabricPool setup wizard.

Note the following:

  • The bucket name cannot be changed once the configuration is created.

  • The bucket cannot have versioning enabled.

  • You must use a different bucket for each ONTAP cluster that will tier data to StorageGRID.

Access key and secret password

The access key and secret access key for the StorageGRID tenant account.

You generate these values in the Tenant Manager.


Must be enabled.

Object store certificate

The CA certificate you uploaded when you created the StorageGRID load balancer endpoint.

Note: If an intermediate CA issued the StorageGRID certificate, you must provide the intermediate CA certificate. If the StorageGRID certificate was issued directly by the Root CA, you must provide the Root CA certificate.

After you finish

After you have obtained the required StorageGRID information, you can go to ONTAP to add StorageGRID as a cloud tier, add the cloud tier as an aggregate, and set volume tiering policies.