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Unpack boxes (SG5700)


Before installing the StorageGRID appliance, unpack all boxes and compare the contents to the items on the packing slip.

  • SG5712 appliance with 12 drives installed

    SG5712 2U appliance
  • SG5760 appliance with no drives installed

    SG5760 4U appliance
  • Front bezel for the appliance

    Bezels of SG5712 and SG5760
  • Rail kit with instructions

    Rail kit
  • SG5760: Sixty drives

  • SG5760: Handles

    SG5760 handles
  • SG5760: Back brackets and cage nuts for square-hole rack installation

    Back brackets and cage nuts for SG5760

Cables and connectors

The shipment for the StorageGRID appliance includes the following cables and connectors:

  • Two power cords for your country

    Power cords

    Your cabinet might have special power cords that you use instead of the power cords that ship with the appliance.

  • Optical cables and SFP transceivers

    Optical cables and SFPs

    Two optical cables for the FC interconnect ports

    Eight SFP+ transceivers, compatible with both the four 16Gb/s FC interconnect ports and the four 10-GbE network ports