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SG6000 appliances: Overview


The StorageGRID SG6000 appliances are integrated storage and computing platforms that operate as Storage Nodes in a StorageGRID system. These appliances can be used in a hybrid grid environment that combines appliance Storage Nodes and virtual (software-based) Storage Nodes.

The SG6000 appliances provide the following features:

  • Available in three models:

    • SG6060, which includes 60 drives, supports expansion shelves, and uses E2800A controllers.

    • SG6060X, which includes 60 drives, supports expansion shelves, and uses E2800B controllers.

      Note The SG6060 and SG6060X have identical specifications and function except for the location of the interconnect ports on the storage controllers.
    • SGF6024, which offers 24 solid state drives (SSDs).

  • Integrate the storage and computing elements for a StorageGRID Storage Node.

  • Include the StorageGRID Appliance Installer to simplify Storage Node deployment and configuration.

  • Include SANtricity System Manager for managing and monitoring the storage controllers and drives.

  • Include a baseboard management controller (BMC) for monitoring and diagnosing the hardware in the compute controller.

  • Support up to four 10-GbE or 25-GbE connections to the StorageGRID Grid Network and Client Network.

  • Support Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) drives. When these drives are used with the Drive Security feature in SANtricity System Manager, unauthorized access to data is prevented.