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Upgrade SANtricity OS on E2700 controller using maintenance mode


If you are unable to upgrade the SANtricity OS Software using the Grid Manager, use the maintenance mode procedure to apply the upgrade.

What you'll need
  • You have consulted the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) to confirm that the SANtricity OS version you are using for the upgrade is compatible with your appliance.

  • You must place the E5600 controller into maintenance mode if you are not using the Grid Manager. Placing the controller into maintenance mode interrupts the connection to the E2700 controller.

    Note In rare instances, placing a StorageGRID appliance into maintenance mode might make the appliance unavailable for remote access.
About this task

Do not upgrade the SANtricity OS or NVSRAM in the E-Series controller on more than one StorageGRID appliance at a time.

Important Upgrading more than one StorageGRID appliance at a time might cause data unavailability, depending on your deployment model and ILM policies.
  1. Confirm the appliance is in maintenance mode.

  2. From a service laptop, access SANtricity Storage Manager, and sign in.

  3. Download the new SANtricity OS Software file and NVSRAM file to the management client.

    Important The NVSRAM is specific to the StorageGRID appliance. Do not use the standard NVSRAM download.
  4. Follow the instructions in the E2700 and E5600 SANtricity Software and Firmware Upgrade instructions or the SANtricity Storage Manager online help, and upgrade the E2700 controller's firmware, NVSRAM, or both.

    Important If you need to upgrade the NVSRAM in the E2700 controller, you must confirm that the SANtricity OS file you downloaded was designated as compatible with StorageGRID appliances.
    Note Activate the upgrade files immediately. Do not defer activation.
  5. If this procedure completed successfully and you have additional procedures to perform while the node is in maintenance mode, perform them now. When you are done, or if you experienced any failures and want to start over, select Advanced > Reboot Controller, and then select one of these options:

    • Select Reboot into StorageGRID

    • Select Reboot into Maintenance Mode to reboot the controller with the node remaining in maintenance mode. Select this option if you experienced any failures during the procedure and want to start over. After the node finishes rebooting into maintenance mode, restart from the appropriate step in the procedure that failed.

      Reboot controller in maintenance mode

      It can take up to 20 minutes for the appliance to reboot and rejoin the grid. To confirm that the reboot is complete and that the node has rejoined the grid, go back to the Grid Manager. The Nodes page should display a normal status (no icons to the left of the node name) for the appliance node, indicating that no alerts are active and the node is connected to the grid.

      Appliance node rejoined grid