Check system’s condition before applying hotfix

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You must verify the system is ready to accommodate the hotfix.

  1. Sign in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  2. If possible, ensure that the system is running normally and that all grid nodes are connected to the grid.

    Connected nodes have green check marks icon alert green checkmark on the Nodes page.

  3. Check for and resolve any current alerts, if possible.

    For information about specific alerts, see the instructions for monitoring and troubleshooting StorageGRID.

  4. Ensure no other maintenance procedures are in progress, such as an upgrade, recovery, expansion, or decommission procedure.

    You should wait for any active maintenance procedures to complete before applying a hotfix.

    You cannot apply a StorageGRID hotfix when another maintenance procedure is running. For example, you cannot apply a hotfix while a decommission, expansion, or recovery procedure is running.

    Note If a node or site decommission procedure is paused, you can safely apply a hotfix. In addition, you might be able to apply a hotfix during the final stages of a StorageGRID upgrade procedure. See the instructions for upgrading StorageGRID software for details.
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