View StorageGRID license information

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You can view the license information for your StorageGRID system, such as the maximum storage capacity of your grid, whenever necessary.

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If there is an issue with the software license for this StorageGRID system, the Health panel on the Dashboard includes a License Status icon and a License link. The number indicates how many license-related issues there are.

Dashboard Health Panel License Status

To view the license, do one of the following:

  • From the Health panel on the Dashboard, select the License status icon or the License link. This link appears only if there is an issue with the license.

  • Select MAINTENANCE > System > License.

The License Page appears and provides the following, read-only information about the current license:

  • StorageGRID system ID, which is the unique identification number for this StorageGRID installation

  • License serial number

  • Licensed storage capacity of the grid

  • Software license end date

  • Support service contract end date

  • Contents of the license text file

Note For licenses issued before StorageGRID 10.3, the licensed storage capacity is not included in the license file, and a "See License Agreement" message is displayed instead of a value.