Step 1: Select Site

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To determine if a site can be decommissioned, start by accessing the Decommission Site wizard.

What you’ll need
  • You must have obtained all required materials.

  • You must have reviewed the considerations for removing a site.

  • You must be signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  • You must have the Root Access permission, or the Maintenance and ILM permissions.

  1. Select MAINTENANCE > Tasks > Decommission.

  2. Select Decommission Site.

    Step 1 (Select Site) of the Decommission Site wizard appears. This step includes an alphabetic list of the sites in your StorageGRID system.

    Decommission Site Step 1 Select Site
  3. View the values in the Used Storage Capacity column to determine how much storage is currently being used for object data at each site.

    The Used Storage Capacity is an estimate. If nodes are offline, the Used Storage Capacity is the last known value for the site.

    • For a connected site decommission, this value represents how much object data will need to be moved to other sites or deleted by ILM before you can safely decommission this site.

    • For a disconnected site decommission, this value represents how much of your system’s data storage will become inaccessible when you decommission this site.

      Note If your ILM policy was designed to protect against the loss of a single site, copies of your object data should still exist on the remaining sites.
  4. Review the reasons in the Decommission Possible column to determine which sites can be decommissioned currently.

    Note If there is more than one reason a site cannot be decommissioned, the most critical reason is shown.
Decommission Possible reason Description Next step

Green checkmark (Icon Alert Green Checkmark)

You can decommission this site.

Go to the next step.

No. This site contains the primary Admin Node.

You cannot decommission a site containing the primary Admin Node.

None. You cannot perform this procedure.

No. This site contains one or more Archive Nodes.

You cannot decommission a site containing an Archive Node.

None. You cannot perform this procedure.

No. All nodes at this site are disconnected. Contact your NetApp account representative.

You cannot perform a connected site decommission unless every node in the site is connected (Icon Alert Green Checkmark).

If you want to perform a disconnected site decommission, you must contact your NetApp account representative, who will review your requirements and enable the rest of the Decommission Site wizard.

IMPORTANT: Never take online nodes offline so that you can remove a site. You will lose data.

The example shows a StorageGRID system with three sites. The green checkmark (Icon Alert Green Checkmark) for the Raleigh and Sunnyvale sites indicates that you can decommission those sites. However, you cannot decommission the Vancouver site because it contains the primary Admin Node.

  1. If decommission is possible, select the radio button for the site.

    The Next button is enabled.

  2. Select Next.

    Step 2 (View Details) appears.