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View SG5700 boot-up status codes

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The seven-segment displays on each controller show status and error codes as the appliance powers up.

About this task

The E2800 controller and the E5700SG controller display different statuses and error codes.

To understand what these codes mean, see the following resources:

Controller Reference

E2800 controller

E5700 and E2800 System Monitoring Guide

Note: The codes listed for the E-Series E5700 controller do not apply to the E5700SG controller in the appliance.

E5700SG controller

“Status indicators on the E5700SG controller”

  1. During boot-up, monitor progress by viewing the codes shown on the seven-segment displays.

    • The seven-segment display on the E2800 controller shows the repeating sequence OS, Sd, blank to indicate that it is performing start-of-day processing.

    • The seven-segment display on the E5700SG controller shows a sequence of codes, ending with AA and FF.

  2. After the controllers have booted up, confirm the seven-segment displays show the following:

    Seven-segment displays after controllers have booted up.
    Controller Seven-segment display

    E2800 controller

    Shows 99, which is the default ID for an E-Series controller shelf.

    E5700SG controller

    Shows HO, followed by a repeating sequence of two numbers.

    HO -- IP address for Admin Network -- IP address for Grid Network HO

    In the sequence, the first set of numbers is the DHCP-assigned IP address for the controller’s management port 1. This address is used to connect the controller to the Admin Network for StorageGRID. The second set of numbers is the DHCP-assigned IP address used to connect the appliance to the Grid Network for StorageGRID.

    Note: If an IP address could not be assigned using DHCP, is displayed.

  3. If the seven-segment displays show other values, see Troubleshoot hardware installation (SG5700) and confirm you completed the installation steps correctly. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact technical support.