Remove a user or group from a CIFS audit share

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You cannot remove the last user or group permitted to access the audit share.

What you’ll need
  • You have the Passwords.txt file with the root account passwords (available in the SAID package).

  • You have the Configuration.txt file (available in the SAID package).

About this task

Audit export through CIFS/Samba has been deprecated and will be removed in a future StorageGRID release.

  1. Log in to the primary Admin Node:

    1. Enter the following command: ssh admin@primary_Admin_Node_IP

    2. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    3. Enter the following command to switch to root: su -

    4. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

      When you are logged in as root, the prompt changes from $ to #.

  2. Start the CIFS configuration utility: config_cifs.rb

    | Shares                 | Authentication         | Config          |
    | add-audit-share        | set-authentication     | validate-config |
    | enable-disable-share   | set-netbios-name       | help            |
    | add-user-to-share      | join-domain            | exit            |
    | remove-user-from-share | add-password-server    |                 |
    | modify-group           | remove-password-server |                 |
    |                        | add-wins-server        |                 |
    |                        | remove-wins-server     |                 |
  3. Start removing a user or group: remove-user-from-share

    A numbered list of available audit shares for the Admin Node is displayed. The audit share is labeled audit-export.

  4. Enter the number of the audit share: audit_share_number

  5. When prompted to remove a user or a group: user or group

    A numbered list of users or groups for the audit share is displayed.

  6. Enter the number corresponding to the user or group you want to remove: number

    The audit share is updated, and the user or group is no longer permitted access to the audit share. For example:

    Enabled shares
     1. audit-export
    Select the share to change: 1
    Remove user or group? [User/group]: User
    Valid users for this share
    1. audituser
    2. newaudituser
    Select the user to remove: 1
    Removed user "audituser" from share "audit-export".
    Press return to continue.
  7. Close the CIFS configuration utility: exit

  8. If the StorageGRID deployment includes Admin Nodes at other sites, disable the audit share at each site as required.

  9. Log out of each command shell when configuration is complete: exit