Linux: Export node from source host

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

Shut down the grid node and export it from the source Linux host.

Run the following command on the source Linux host.

  1. Obtain the status of all nodes currently running on the source host.

    sudo storagegrid node status all

    Name Config-State Run-State

    DC1-ADM1 Configured Running

    DC1-ARC1 Configured Running

    DC1-GW1 Configured Running

    DC1-S1 Configured Running

    DC1-S2 Configured Running

    DC1-S3 Configured Running

  2. Identify the name of the node you want to migrate, and stop it if its Run-State is Running.

    sudo storagegrid node stop DC1-S3

    Stopping node DC1-S3

    Waiting up to 630 seconds for node shutdown

  3. Export the node from the source host.

    sudo storagegrid node export DC1-S3

    Finished exporting node DC1-S3 to /dev/mapper/sgws-dc1-s3-var-local.

    Use 'storagegrid node import /dev/mapper/sgws-dc1-s3-var-local' if you

    want to import it again.

  4. Take note of the import command suggested in the output of the `export command.

    You will run this command on the target host in the next step.