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Prepare appliance for reinstallation for reinstallation (platform replacement only)

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

When recovering a grid node that was hosted on a services appliance, you must first prepare the appliance for reinstallation of StorageGRID software.

Perform this procedure only if you are replacing a failed node that was hosted on a services appliance. Do not follow these steps if the failed node was originally hosted on VMware or a Linux host.

  1. Log in to the failed grid node:

    1. Enter the following command: ssh admin@grid_node_IP

    2. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    3. Enter the following command to switch to root: su -

    4. Enter the password listed in the Passwords.txt file.

    When you are logged in as root, the prompt changes from $ to #.

  2. Prepare the appliance for the installation of StorageGRID software. Enter: sgareinstall

  3. When prompted to continue, enter: y

    The appliance reboots, and your SSH session ends. It usually takes about 5 minutes for the StorageGRID Appliance Installer to become available, although in some cases you might need to wait up to 30 minutes.

    The services appliance is reset, and data on the grid node is no longer accessible. IP addresses configured during the original installation process should remain intact; however, it is recommended that you confirm this when the procedure completes.

    After executing the sgareinstall command, all StorageGRID-provisioned accounts, passwords, and SSH keys are removed, and new host keys are generated.