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Considerations for Admin Node or Gateway Node decommission

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Review the following considerations before decommissioning an Admin Node or a Gateway Node.

  • The decommission procedure requires exclusive access to some system resources, so you must confirm that no other maintenance procedures are running.

  • You cannot decommission the primary Admin Node.

  • You cannot decommission an Admin Node or a Gateway Node if one of its network interfaces is part of a high availability (HA) group. You must first remove the network interfaces from the HA group. See the instructions for administering StorageGRID.

  • As required, you can safely change the ILM policy while decommissioning a Gateway Node or an Admin Node.

  • If you decommission an Admin Node and single sign-on (SSO) is enabled for your StorageGRID system, you must remember to remove the node’s relying party trust from Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

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