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Edit platform services endpoint

Contributors netapp-perveilerk netapp-lhalbert

You can edit the configuration for a platform services endpoint to change its name, URI, or other details. For example, you might need to update expired credentials or change the URI to point to a backup Elasticsearch index for failover. You cannot change the URN for a platform services endpoint.

What you'll need
  1. Select STORAGE (S3) > Platform services endpoints.

    The Platform services endpoints page appears and shows the list of platform services endpoints that have already been configured.

    Endpoints List
  2. Select the endpoint you want to edit.

    The endpoint details page appears.

  3. Select Configuration.

    Edit Endpoint Configuration
  4. As needed, change the configuration of the endpoint.

    Note You cannot change an endpoint's URN after the endpoint has been created.
    1. To change the display name for the endpoint, select the edit icon Edit Icon.

    2. As needed, change the URI.

    3. As needed, change the authentication type.

      • For Access Key authentication, change the key as necessary by selecting Edit S3 key and pasting a new access key ID and secret access key. If you need to cancel your changes, select Revert S3 key edit.

      • For Basic HTTP authentication, change the username as needed. Change the password as needed by selecting Edit password and entering the new password. If you need to cancel your changes, select Revert password edit.

      • For CAP (C2S Access Portal) authentication, change the temporary credentials URL or optional client private key passphrase and upload new certificate and key files as needed.

        Note The Client private key must be in OpenSSL encrypted format or unencrypted private key format.
    4. As needed, change the method for verifying the server.

  5. Select Test and save changes.

    • A success message appears if the endpoint can be reached using the specified credentials. The connection to the endpoint is verified from one node at each site.

    • An error message appears if endpoint validation fails. Modify the endpoint to correct the error, and then select Test and save changes.