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Control which client operations are permitted

Contributors netapp-madkat

You can select the Prevent Client Modification grid option to deny specific HTTP client operations.

What you'll need
  • You are signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  • You have specific access permissions.

About this task

Prevent Client Modification is a system wide setting. When the Prevent Client Modification option is selected, the following requests are denied:


    • Delete Bucket requests

    • Any requests to modify an existing object's data, user-defined metadata, or S3 object tagging

      Note This setting does not apply to buckets with versioning enabled. Versioning already prevents modifications to object data, user-defined metadata, and object tagging.
  • Swift REST API

    • Delete Container requests

    • Requests to modify any existing object. For example, the following operations are denied: Put Overwrite, Delete, Metadata Update, and so on.

  1. Select CONFIGURATION > System > Grid options.

  2. In the Network Options section, select the Prevent Client Modification check box.

    Prevent Client Modification
  3. Select Save.