Fix missing network interface errors

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

If the host network is not configured correctly or a name is misspelled, an error occurs when StorageGRID checks the mapping specified in the /etc/storagegrid/nodes/node-name.conf file.

You might see an error or warning matching this pattern:

Checking configuration file `/etc/storagegrid/nodes/node-name.conf for node node-name…​` ERROR: node-name: GRID_NETWORK_TARGET = host-interface-name ` node-name: Interface 'host-interface-name' does not exist`

The error could be reported for the Grid Network, the Admin Network, or the Client Network. This error means that the /etc/storagegrid/nodes/node-name.conf file maps the indicated StorageGRID network to the host interface named host-interface-name, but there is no interface with that name on the current host.

If you receive this error, verify that you completed the steps in Deploy new Linux hosts. Use the same names for all host interfaces as were used on the original host.

If you are unable to name the host interfaces to match the node configuration file, you can edit the node configuration file and change the value of the GRID_NETWORK_TARGET, the ADMIN_NETWORK_TARGET, or the CLIENT_NETWORK_TARGET to match an existing host interface.

Make sure the host interface provides access to the appropriate physical network port or VLAN, and that the interface does not directly reference a bond or bridge device. You must either configure a VLAN (or other virtual interface) on top of the bond device on the host, or use a bridge and virtual Ethernet (veth) pair.