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How load balancing works - CLB service (deprecated)

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The Connection Load Balancer (CLB) service on Gateway Nodes is deprecated. The Load Balancer service is now the recommended load balancing mechanism.

The CLB service uses Layer 4 load balancing to distribute incoming TCP network connections from client applications to the optimal Storage Node based on availability, system load, and the administrator-configured link cost. When the optimal Storage Node is chosen, the CLB service establishes a two-way network connection and forwards the traffic to and from the chosen node. The CLB does not consider the Grid Network configuration when directing incoming network connections.

To view information about the CLB service, select SUPPORT > Tools > Grid topology, and then expand a Gateway Node until you can select CLB and the options below it.

API Gateway Node in the Grid Topology tree

If you choose to use the CLB service, you should consider configuring link costs for your StorageGRID system.