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Change root password for BMC interface

Contributors netapp-perveilerk

For security, you must change the password for the BMC's root user.

What you'll need

The management client is using a supported web browser.

About this task

When you first install the appliance, the BMC uses a default password for the root user (root/calvin). You must change the password for the root user to secure your system.

  1. From the client, enter the URL for the StorageGRID Appliance Installer:

    For services_appliance_IP, use the IP address for the appliance on any StorageGRID network.

    The StorageGRID Appliance Installer Home page appears.

  2. Select Configure Hardware > BMC Configuration.

    screenshot showing Advanced > BMC Configuration option

    The Baseboard Management Controller Configuration page appears.

  3. Enter a new password for the root account in the two fields provided.

    BMC Root Password
  4. Click Save.