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Configure the DNS server

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After configuring high availability groups, load balancer endpoints, and S3 endpoint domain names, you must ensure that the DNS includes the necessary entries for StorageGRID. You must include a DNS entry for each name in the security certificate and for each IP address you might use.

DNS entries for StorageGRID server name

Add DNS entries to associate the StorageGRID server name (fully qualified domain name) to each StorageGRID IP address you will use. The IP addresses you enter in the DNS depend on whether you are using an HA group of load-balancing nodes:

  • If you have configured an HA group, ONTAP will connect to the virtual IP addresses of that HA group.

  • If you aren't using an HA group, ONTAP can connect to the StorageGRID Load Balancer service using the IP address of any Gateway Node or Admin Node.

  • If the server name resolves to more than one IP address, ONTAP establishes client connections with all IP addresses (up to a maximum of 16 IP addresses). The IP addresses are picked up in a round-robin method when connections are established.

DNS entries for virtual hosted-style requests

If you have defined S3 endpoint domain names and you will use virtual hosted-style requests, add DNS entries for all required S3 endpoint domain names, including any wildcard names.