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Authenticate requests

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The StorageGRID system supports both authenticated and anonymous access to objects using the S3 API.

The S3 API supports Signature version 2 and Signature version 4 for authenticating S3 API requests.

Authenticated requests must be signed using your access key ID and secret access key.

The StorageGRID system supports two authentication methods: the HTTP Authorization header and using query parameters.

Use the HTTP Authorization header

The HTTP Authorization header is used by all S3 API operations except Anonymous requests where permitted by the bucket policy. The Authorization header contains all of the required signing information to authenticate a request.

Use query parameters

You can use query parameters to add authentication information to a URL. This is known as presigning the URL, which can be used to grant temporary access to specific resources. Users with the presigned URL don't need to know the secret access key to access the resource, which enables you to provide third-party restricted access to a resource.