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Reboot grid node from Grid Manager

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Rebooting a grid node from the Grid Manager issues the reboot command on the target node.

Before you begin
  • You are signed in to the Grid Manager using a supported web browser.

  • You have the Maintenance or Root access permission.

  • You have the provisioning passphrase.

  1. Select NODES.

  2. Select the grid node you want to reboot.

  3. Select the Tasks tab.

    Nodes > Tasks > Reboot button
  4. Select Reboot.

    A confirmation dialog box appears.

    Nodes > Tasks > Reboot button
    Note If you are rebooting the primary Admin Node, the confirmation dialog box reminds you that your browser's connection to the Grid Manager will be lost temporarily when services are stopped.
  5. Enter the provisioning passphrase, and select OK.

  6. Wait for the node to reboot.

    It might take some time for services to shut down.

    When the node is rebooting, the gray icon (Administratively Down) appears on the left side of the Nodes page. When all services have started again and the node is successfully connected to the grid, the Nodes page should display a normal status (no icons to the left of the node name), indicating that no alerts are active and the node is connected to the grid.