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Common procedures for node maintenance: Overview

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Use these instructions to maintain your StorageGRID system.

About these instructions

These instructions describe procedures common to all nodes such as how to apply a software hotfix, recover grid nodes, recover a failed site, decommission grid nodes or an entire site, perform network maintenance, perform host-level and middleware maintenance procedures, and perform grid node procedures.

Note In these instructions, “Linux” refers to a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Ubuntu®, CentOS, or Debian® deployment. Use the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) to get a list of supported versions.

Before you begin

  • You have a broad understanding of the StorageGRID system.

  • You have reviewed your StorageGRID system's topology and you understand the grid configuration.

  • You understand that you must follow all instructions exactly and heed all warnings.

  • You understand that maintenance procedures not described aren't supported or require a services engagement.

Maintenance procedures for appliances

Specific maintenance procedures for each type of StorageGRID appliance are in the appliance maintenance sections: