application create


(DEPRECATED)-Create an application

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


Note This command is deprecated and may be removed in a future release of Data ONTAP. Use the REST interface instead.

This command creates an application from an application template. It provisions storage for the application and optionally performs additional configuration.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver

The Vserver in which the application is created.

-application <text> - Application

The name for the application to create.

-application-template <text> - Application Template

The application template upon which to base creation of the application.

[-parameters <key-value-pair>,…​] - Application Template Customization Parameters

A comma separated list of parameter names and their values to customize the application template for the desired application. The specific parameters which may be used to customize an application vary depending on the specified application template.

For each template, there are both required and optional parameters. Attempting to execute the command without a required parameter will result in failure and a message identifying the missing parameter. Command line tab-completion provides lists of parameters and descriptions of the syntax required to specify the parameter values.

A parameter and its value is specified as: parameter-name:parameter-value . Multiple parameters are specified by separating them with a comma as: parameter1-name:parameter1-value,parameter2-name:parameter2-value . The correct syntax for specifying a parameter value depends on the type of the parameter.

Some parameters must be specified for multiple instances of the same type of object. These are specified using a zero-based array index to identify each unique object. These types of objects have sub-parameters that provide values for specific attributes of each object. A sub-parameter and its value for the Nth instance of an object is specified as: object-type[n].sub-parameter-name:sub-parameter-value .

[-foreground {true|false}] - Execute in the Foreground

A boolean value that determines if the application creation executes synchronously at the command prompt in the foreground or asynchronously in the background. If this parameter is not supplied, it defaults to true and the application creation is executed synchronously at the command prompt.


The following command creates application app1 in Vserver vs1 based on the SAN application template with 5 LUNs totaling 200 GB in size and maps the new application LUNs to initiator group ig1 .

cluster1::> application create -vserver vs1 -application app1 -application-template SAN -parameters os-type:linux,application-components[0].name:data,application-components[0].total-size:200GB,application-components[0].lun-count:5,application-components[0].igroup-name:ig1